My first!

My first client was wonderful, and was something that I will cherish forever. It was so awesome that my first, was going to be having her first. Something about that, made things extra sweet.

My first phone call was at about 9:00 AM on Thursday February 19th. She thought that her water broke, and per the protocol of the OB, she needed to come into Labor and Delivery for a check. I told her to make sure she had her things, in case she needed to stay and have that baby! Since I work in the office where she is seen, I was in close contact with the midwife, so I was well informed of the situation.

The first notification came from both the midwife and my client, at almost the same time. The midwife told me that she was going to stay in labor and delivery for induction, and what room she would be in. It wasn’t a minute later that I received a text with a picture of my client in her gown, with the face that said “I’m not going anywhere!”

My first walk to Labor and Delivery for this moment was a great one. I walk to and from there every day, but this time was different. I was staying there, comforting a soon-to-be mom. I was not nervous. Not one bit. I was so excited, I could barely contain it.

As soon as I walked in the room to see her face , she smiled. She was happy to see me, and I was elated to see her. As soon as I got there, she sent the boyfriend home, so that he could shower and grab anything else that she forgot. It was an awesome feeling that she was waiting for me, and knew that we would be okay as soon as I got there, so she could send her partner to do other things. That felt really great. Made me feel confident, and then I knew that I could really do this.

The evening went by, we chatted, I comforted her throughout. I did everything I could think of to make her feel as comfortable as possible. Even telling stories, laughing. It felt great. I didn’t even feel like I was working, because everything felt so comfortable, no natural. We tried different things to make her more comfortable, to ease some pain and to help her get some sleep. She had all my attention, and the night carried on.

Soon enough, it was time to have this baby. The wonderfully sweet nurse came in to stay, and the two of us took charge and began to coach her to delivery. It was incredible! Empowering to see this woman pushing out her first baby. I’m sure it was evident that my eyes were smiling, as much as my mouth. I was in awe. In love with this job.

It took an hour. One hour of pushing, and this beautiful little baby boy was born. This gorgeous bundled burrito of joy being held by his mother for the first time. It was a moment that I will never forget. Seeing her finally able to rest, looking at this sweet boy, feeling overwhelmed with emotion. Being there for them, I couldn’t look away. And I couldn’t wait for more.

Bring. It. On.

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