This girl!


Ever since I was a child, I have been in love with babies. I knew that I wanted to be a mother, and to just surround myself with everything baby as much as I possibly could. I just didn’t then, that I could have a career out of this.

After high school, I started down a pre-law path. I loved learning about the legal system, and everything judicial — I just knew it was for me. Wrong. After a year and a half, I realized that it was not actually what I wanted out of a career. Out of life!

I soon remembered, that being in the medical field was a dream. My mother has been in the medical field for over 20 years, and it has always fascinated me. Why didn’t I realize my love sooner? Why didn’t I realize that THIS was what I was meant to do in life? I had discovered my passion for pregnancy and childbirth, by doing hours and hours of personal research and wanted to advocate for that. Now I could make it a reality! I have spent the last 6 years focusing on everything that I can to level up in the obstetric world. My love for nursing and being a doula has absolutely been amazing. It really feels awesome when you discover what you meant for, and it doesn’t feel like work.

I see lots of amazing pregnant ladies at my day job working in an OB office. I love my job, and I cannot get enough! I work with them during the day, study as a student to become a midwife two evenings a week, and live the doula life outside of that! And I could not be happier! This is what I was born to do. I’d be honored to be your doula.

…At least when I’m not playing video games, and binge-watching Netflix.

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