Why Working in Obstetrics Benefits Me as a Doula

I love my job. I am a Certified Medical Assistant, have been for about 5 years now, and I work in an OB office. I get to see lots of pregnant ladies all day, and it is the best experience for someone who is obsessed with birth and babies!

I see patients many times before their babies are born and we develop an awesome relationship. I get to watch their bellies grow, hear every heartbeat with them. And this is all without being their doula yet! I am the first person that they speak with about their concerns, problems, their emotions. And I get to participate fully in their care while they are pregnant. How awesome is that? When I became a doula, this relationship with my job only became stronger. I get to share my love with those patients, and just adore getting that wonderful, “Oooh, what’s a doula?” question. And you know what? Answering that question feels amazing. Every. Single. Time.

And this obviously applies to the clients that are not particular patients in the office I work in! I still have all this knowledge, and I am able to use it with everyone! It really does consume my every day life. And I love it! I’m around beautiful pregnant women and babies all day long! You should hear the conversations between my best friend and I. Is it possible to ever get tired of telling someone everything they know about birth? Nah.

I am able to see all of that woman’s highs and lows with pregnancy, every question they have goes through me. I have a plethora of scenarios in my mental filing cabinet about what to expect when you’re expecting. It makes me a stronger doula. A smarter person. Each day my brain grows a little more with the magical knowledge of everything that is pregnancy and childbirth. The relationship with the doctors and midwife that I work with is incredibly strong, and they support me. And that’s because they work with me every day, and know that I truly love my job. They see the support that I give to my patients, and because of that, they support me on the doula side as well.

I network with other OB offices in my building, and I am very comfortable doing so. And, my coworker sells me just as much as I do! And one of my doctors too! It feels so great having a great support system to promote this business that I truly love. My passion. Where else would I be able to do this? What other job?

I love being a doula, and I love being an OB Medical Assistant as well. Oh, and did I mention I’m working towards my nursing and midwife degrees as well? My job rocks.


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