Baby Expos!

Beginning in Spring of 2012, I have been obsessed with baby expos. I cannot get enough. I google everything I can think of to find them in my area, and in states close in proximity. I mean, it’s a little insane! But totally worth it!

My first baby expo was in May of 2012 at a hospital in my town. I stumbled across the add for it in a community magazine that is published by the hospital. I saw it, and knew that I had to be there. I called my best friend, and we went, this particular one was free – all you had to do was call and register, and holy moly we had a blast!

We met some vendors, and childcare professionals that gave us tons of information. Everything from keeping your baby in a play pen with no toys, to properly installing your carseat. I was in baby heaven, that was for sure. We took a tour through the labor and delivery suites and got to learn pretty much everything about this hospital’s family center. There were contests and gift bags, and a free lunch pass for the cafeteria. My best friend and I had a surprisingly amazing time. We were stoked to come home and go through our bags. I couldn’t wait for more!

That same year in the fall I went to my second baby expo, and had just as much fun of a time. This one was a paid ticket, and was full of seminars and goodies. Awesome! Although I was not pregnant – always planning, I went to every seminar and got a plethora of information. And more gift bag goodies! That was it, I was hooked.

The same thing happened the next year, and I went to both of those expos having an awesome time. This was when I discovered Big City Moms. What an awesome resource. Full of fun, great information, a great connection for moms out there who love connecting with other moms! I was hooked on their site and learning more about them. I had read that they have “The Biggest Baby Shower”, but didn’t think anything of it, because there was nothing around me. No big deal. Move on.

In February of 2014, I was on Big City Mom’s twitter and I saw those amazing words. “Biggest Baby Shower Washinginton DC This May!” WHAT?! NO WAY!! I HAVE TO BE THERE. I went right online, saw the tickets, and while vigorously texting my husband telling him that OMG BIGGEST BABY SHOWER IN MAY I AM GOING – I bought my ticket. I purchased the middle grade ticket, which included a Beco baby carrier. Along with tons of other goodies they had mentioned. They have three levels of tickets, the lowest which is a basic goodie bag, the middle a baby carrier with goodie bag, and the hightest, which is a stroller, baby carrier and goodie bag! WHAT! TAKE MY MONEY NOW. I couldn’t wait to go.

When the day came, I was ecstatic. Again, not pregnant, my husband and my friends knew how excited I was about this, and couldn’t wait to hear all about it. Boy, I did not know what I was in for. When I got there, there was this huge back drop where you could get your picture taken, like you were a movie star at an award dinner or something. Totally badass. Then you get this stamp, and a giant bingo card. You are told to fill out at least 20 +/- little spots, so that you can get your bingo prize when you leave. And they would give you your gift bag when you leave too. I thought, okay, that is nice of them to not make us carry the bag around, cool. Go in, start checking out all the vendors, totally falling in love with every stop I make. Eat finger foods. Drink mocktails. Listen to amazingly hilarious women talk about everything childbirth. I didn’t want to leave!

I met tons of people. Pregnant ladies, all the awesome vendors. I saw things that I didn’t even know existed, and really learned a lot. I was super impressed at the learning experience that going to one of these things was!

Once I got all of my samples, and stopped at EVERY, and I do mean every, single vendor in there, it was time to head out to go home. I go to the desk, show them my bingo ticket, not knowing what to expect, and they made me pick a little rubber ducky to see what prize I will get. Unsuspecting, I pull a 5, and get a BABY BATH. Yes, you read that correctly. A freaking BABY BATH. WHAT?! Hell yes! And then they brought out my goodie bag. Um, it was a SUITCASE worth of goods. I mean, seriously holy hell! The bag had to be doubled because it was so heavy from all the stuff crammed inside! And then my baby carrier! OH YEAH! I had forgot about that! After they helped me to my car, I rushed the hour home so I could go through all of my things.

This was the baby bath:



Here is the Beco baby carrier that I feel in love with:


And here is just a small image of everything inside this goodie bag:


I couldn’t believe it. I still can even after a year! It was packed full of the cutest, most ergonomic, thoughtful, smart gifts you could imagine! I was pretty much speechless. My husband couldn’t believe it either! Everything was amazing. I couldn’t wait to share this experience with everyone. I tell every mom to be to go. Find one, and go. It is worth every penny, and you will have an amazing time!

I have my own little room in my house that is pretty much devoted to the things that I collect from these baby expos, until I have a baby of my own, I am seriously stocked. Like, no kidding. And do not worry, I have already contacted Big City Moms, and there will be another DC Biggest Baby Shower this summer. But it cannot come soon enough. I CAN’T WAIT!

Do yourself a favor, and find some baby expos in your area. Go to them all. Especially the Biggest Baby Shower. You will probably become obsessed like me. Okay, maybe not quite.


Big City Moms

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