Anxiety in Pregnancy

You’re pregnant! And you’re so excited – but you’re also really nervous, really scared, and all of a sudden, your anxiety kicks you in the head. Hard.

1 in 10 women will experience anxiety in pregnancy. So please don’t think that you’re alone in this. Having some stress with your pregnancy is totally normal. But when it starts to become something that is out of your control, please seek the help that you deserve. If you are feeling like things are out of your hands and that you cannot take it anymore, please contact your obstetrician or midwife. They will be able to lead you to the right help that you need. So don’t be afraid to ask!

Some signs of anxiety:

-Feeling over-anxious all the time, not able to control it

-Worrying about a number of events and activities — in pregnancy, constant worry about your baby

-Unable to concentrate, mind going blank

-Feeling irritable

-Sleeping issues

-Tense muscles

If you are having these problems, there are some things that you can do to help you. Talk with your partner – make sure that they know how your feeling. You might think that they won’t know what to do, but they may be able to give you more comfort than you think. They want to make sure, in every possible way, that you and the baby are okay, so they will find a way. Talk to them, tell them your feelings, just having them listen can be a huge help! Even though I am not pregnant yet, nor do I have any children, but my partner has witnessed my anxiety and has been my number one supporter in helping me find ways to alleviate my stress. They may see more than you think, and can help you more than you could imagine, so take advantage!

Eating well during pregnancy is very important for so many reason anyway, but it can also help a lot with stress and anxiety. Although caffeine is a taboo subject in pregnancy, and some people still consume plenty, caffeine can raise your stress levels, so if you have not already, cutting back on that can help a lot. Whole grains, and green teas are some things that can help decrease your stress level, and can assist you in feeling better, maybe even enough to keep you calm throughout your pregnancy. See, a healthy diet doesn’t just help and feed baby, it helps you out too!

Yoga is always an excellent stress reliever also! There are numerous classes out there that are just for pregnant women, and can really be awesome. You will be surrounded by other women, that may be having the same anxiety issues as you, and that alone can really help you out. Being around others, bonding together, and working together to handle your stress can be a huge benefit. The instructors will teach you a series of positions that can help to minimize your stress, but are also completely safe for you and baby. Check around your community today!

Talk to your doula! A doula’s job is to provide physical, emotional, spiritual – whatever you need. Don’t hesitate to email, or call or text them about anything. If they do not feel that they can provide you assistance, or think that you need some medical professional help, they will let you know. But, a doula can provide you some excellent support here. Make a date so that they can come to your house, do a labor practice session, share some massage and pain techniques. This can relieve a great deal of stress, and can provide you with some ease and relaxation. A doula doesn’t just have to help with labor, or the postpartum period. They can provide a tremendous amount of support during the antenatal – pure pregnancy stage.

There are some ladies out there who already have anxiety issues, and when they became pregnant, stopped taking medication, for the fear of causing an issue for their baby. So this causes them a great deal of stress, not only because they are not taking the medication that they need, but also because they are afraid to cause their unborn baby any issues. It is very important to speak with your doctor whenever you are taking medications before you were pregnant. If they are something that you absolutely need, your provider can work with that! There are measures that can be taken, and safe medications, for any ailments at all. There are numerous safe medications for pregnancy, and speaking with your provider should be the number one thing that you do. If your provider is, in any way, unsupportive, then it is important for your to contact a therapist. Explain your situation and needs, and please get the help you need! They will know what to do.

Don’t let your anxiety in pregnancy scare you – there is help, and all you have to do is ask. Your doula can help you with any of the aforementioned subjects, and can guide you in the right direction. They will not be afraid to help you look for a therapist if you need one, to be an open ear if you need it, and to give you any non-medical but safe advice. Just ask us! We can help! Supporting you, is what we do.

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