Wait, hypnosis in childbirth?

In today’s world we are exposed to plethora of new, alternative forms of ways to stay healthy or alleviate pain. From essential oils to acupuncture, I know I am constantly researching these different methods, and am always fascinated by the information that I find.

One thing that I have always been curious about is hypnosis. It’s something that we’ve all heard of, all watched at some point or have met someone who swears that hypnosis worked for them. Just the idea of being in an altered state-of-mind is nothing short of mind-blowing and I have recently found myself going deeper down the rabbit hole of, ‘does this actually work‘?

As I dove deeper into my Mayo Clinic: Book of Alternative Medicine text, which I have now become obsessed with, I couldn’t help but look into hypnotherapy for childbirth. Yeah, I’ve heard of it before, and knew that it existed, but I didn’t know enough information to fully understand. So needless to say, I dove in, and couldn’t stop.

The most incredible description that I have discovered about hynobirthing is this – a technique in which the basic premise is to remove fear. Think about that. Fear. Fear during something that we’re supposed to be completely head-over-heels about. Bringing a baby into the world, becoming a parent. Holding a tiny little bundle of joy that you created in your arms for the first time. And we are tormented by fear? I guess it’s not that hard to believe. The media doesn’t help when we are constantly exposed to and reading numerous articles about crazy shit that is happening when someone has a baby. Remember, the good stuff isn’t always reported. We live in a click-bait society people, and we are primarily exposed to the bad news.

But all of that brought to a head only makes me come to this conclusion: If we can’t escape this fear that we have associated with childbirth, why not do something to help us out? Help ease our minds and attempt to have the most rewarding and empowering childbirth possible. Why wouldn’t we want to be in an altered state of consciousness? Why wouldn’t we want to try something that helps us limit that fear even a tiny bit?

Hypnotherapy in childbirth uses a combination of techniques, including breathing methods, positive thoughts, deep relaxation and visualization. All of these things work together to eliminate stress, fatigue and anxiety, leading to an easier, calmer and more ‘comfortable’ birth experience. Gee, starting to sound a little like meditation huh? What an amazing coincidence! It’s like meditation overdrive, with a dabble of lamaze – and imagine all of that AND a doula! Think about what we already know about doulas, and the work that they provide. Combining hypnosis with the support of a doula could be exactly what some women need.

In my research I have discovered a ton of excellent videos on YouTube that show the power of hynobirthing, and how someone can take advantage of and fully use this method. Whether in your home, birth center or hospital, hypnosis in childbirth can really take you into a euphoric state and help you experience complete fearlessness while birthing your baby. To me, whatever you can do to make yourself feel the best that you possibly can is the ultimate goal. To be completely relaxed and comfortable and to bring your baby into that environment is a fantastic scenario.

If you’re skeptical, like I initially was admittedly, do yourself a favor and go to YouTube. You wont regret what you find. And you may see yourself wanting to learn more and maybe even considering trying this. Either to teach or to try yourself. I know I am interested in both. Perhaps getting trained in hypnobirthing and using this method whenever I do have my own child. I pride myself in being open to many things when it comes to alternative medicine and hypnotherapy has really sparked my interest when it comes to my job as a doula.

There are tons of resources out there that can tell you more about this fascinating phenomenon. If you are interested in having a calm environment where you can attempt to eliminate fear, I sincerely suggest you add hypnobirthing to your google-search list.

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